Cutting Edge 32-040: X-1






Scott Van Aken


Also available in 1/72: CE 72-109

With Cutting Edge's increased interest in experimental aircraft in general and NACA/NASA in general, it was inevitable that the X-1 get an aftermarket sheet devoted to it. It also helps that Revell's 1/32 kit was recently reissued! This sheet is also available in 1/72 and I suspect 1/48 as well though I was not sent a sample of that sheet. In 1/72 there is a Tamiya kit, in 1/48 the excellent Eduard example and, of course, Revell in 1/32.

What makes this sheet so nice is that you can do the X-1 in ANY of the various colors and markings that it carried throughout its career. Though only intended to provide markings for one aircraft, if you do the initial aircraft, you can do two and if you have additional insignia you could easily do several others. This sheet is really needed as Revell's kit decals are not exactly the best one could use!

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