Cutting Edge 48-116: B-26B Marauder




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Scott Van Aken

This nice sheet from Cutting Edge provided markings for three aircraft. All three are in the olive drab over neutral grey camouflage scheme and all three probably showed quite a bit of wear. There are two B-26 kits in 1/48 scale. One is by AMT, and from all reports, it is not a very good one. The other is by Monogram and it is everything one expects from the big Monogram bombers. Lots of detail. Raised panel lines. Fit that requires lots of test fitting before applying cement. Now when I was considerably younger, the fit wasn't an issue as we did not care all that much. Today's modelers expect a lot more and I hear considerable fussing about these kits. Either you have the skills to build them or you need them and the best way to get them is by doing. That is pretty much it.

First option is 'Fighting Cock' from the 450 BS/322 BG in March of 1944. This plane was damaged by flak and crashed in August 1944, hitting the control tower.

Next up is 'Valkrye' of the 497 BS/344 BG in January 1945. This plane crashed on take off and the subsequent fire destroyed the plane.

Finally, 'Jezabelle' of the 452 BS/322 BG. Note that this plane has a different tail gun position and will need either an aftermarket set or some dedicated scratch building to duplicate.

Decals are nicely printed and provide insignia for one option.

August 2018

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