Cutting Edge 48-109: F-84 Stencils




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Scott Van Aken

 There are several reasons why decal makers produce stencil sheets. One is that they perceive a need as often sheets won't have enough. Another is that a builder may want to do more than one option from a sheet and only one set is provided. The kit stencils could be wrong. Finally, it may be the only way to get stencils from a company's aftermarket sheet. That is what Cutting Edge did in this case. They produced several F-84 sheet, but provided no common markings on any of them. This pretty well requires the buyer to spend twice the money to get a stencil sheet if they don't want to use what is proffered in the kit. The sheet is very nicely printed and you do get a large stencil placement diagram to go with it.

The set will fit pretty well any 1/48 F-84E/G, but the Tamiya or Revell kits are recommended. A nice touch is that the underwing USAF is cut to fit on the gear doors.

August 2018

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