Caracal Models CDB 48002: USAF F-86 Buzz Numbers

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Scott Van Aken

There are times when you really just need some letters and numbers. This is especially so when either the kit offerings are wrong, or you want to create a more personalized model. They are also helpful when you have goobered up decal and need a replacement.

This useful sheet consists of USAF F-86 Sabre buzz numbers and tail serials with USAF markings. You get eight sets of large buzz numbers in the proper font and ten stencil style serial numbers. In addition there are six buzz number prefixes and six 'US Air Force' logos for above the tail serials.

If you are an F-86 builder in 1/48 scale, then this is a sheet you should seriously consider picking up. Decals are printed by Microscale.

January 2019

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