Caracal Models CD 72004: Lone Star Gunfighters

Units: 149 FW


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Scott Van Aken

The 82nd FS/149 FW is the only remaining ANG fighter unit based in Texas. The other unit, the 111 FS was flying the F-16 in air defense until the unit was disbanded and is now flying from trailers with the Predator Drone.

The 82nd has been a mud moving unit for a long time since going to the F-100, then F-4, and finally early F-16As. They now fly big mouth block 30 F-16Cs and celebrated their 65th anniversary in late 2011. This is the anniversary scheme painted on one of their San Antonio based aircraft. Hence the outline of the Alamo on the fin.

The decal sheet includes only the blue fin tip, with all the other colors requiring paint. Full color information is provided and while there are no masks, the scheme is pretty simple and should not be an issue for most modelers. While any large mouth 1/72 F-16 kit can be used, these decals were sized for the Revell kit.

Decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale and you can get this sheet direct from

January 2012

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