Caracal Models CD 48028: ANG A-10C part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing on with their superb ANG sheets is this one for that A-10C. After deciding not to scrap the plane back after Desert Storm, it was only logical that the airframe get some upgrades. This mostly focused on the cockpit and avionics systems where the instrument panel got a full fitting of MPDs (Multi-Purpose Displays) to replace a lot of the discrete indicators in the older aircraft.

These are mostly issued to ANG units and a pair of these that were lucky enough not to be disbanded are shown here. Each unit provided two options in terms of different serial numbers.

First is the 163 FS, Indiana ANG, which used to fly F-4Es and later F-16s and was initially slated for disbanding but managed to hold on and keep flying real planes instead of drones like many ANG units. This unit is called the Black Snakes and so has a rather complex snake nose motif.

The other is the 190 FS, Idaho ANG. This unit was one of the last F-4 ANG units initially flying RF-4Cs but later flying the F-4G. This unit also has two serial options, but does have different colored tail bands for the different flights.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf and provides enough data markings and insignia for one option, though you can always glean this for other options from the kit decal sheet. Kits available that will work are the venerable Monogram kit, currently released by Revell, though the cockpit is the old style, the really ancient Tamiya kit, and a newer one by Italeri and  Hobby Boss.  Instructions are in full color and provide web references to help your build. It also includes a comprehensive data placement diagram.

Regardless of which one you pick, it is great to see a new sheet for this aircraft.

You can get this sheet direct from  As Caracal sheets tend to sell out rather quickly, I suggest picking one up soon.

February 2013

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