Caracal Models CD 48022: ANG F-15C Part 2

Units: 101 & 114 FS


$14.99  which includes US shipping


Scott Van Aken

For their second F-15 ANG sheet, our friends at Caracal Models have produced markings for two units that have both been highly sought. Many years back Superscale did a 114 FS Eagle and Two Bobs did markings for the 101 FS, but both sold out quite quickly and it is nice to see these both on this sheet and representing newer markings. All three of these options are in the Mod Eagle paint scheme and are designed for the Hasegawa F-15C. Update sets to MSIP II are also available from the aftermarket crowd.

The first two options are for the 114 FS Oregon ANG and the first one is for the commanding officer's aircraft so has the full color tail marking. The other is for a standard 'line bird' as many modelers prefer to model the standard unit aircraft rather than the specially painted 'boss birds' that are so often seen at air shows. This unit is the training unit for F-15C crews so has quite a few two seat F-15Ds as well.

The other set of markings is for a plane of the 101 FS, Massachusetts ANG, one of the first air responders to the 9/11 event. This unit has rather plain markings that consist only of tail codes and a red tail stripe.

The sheet contains sufficient insignia and data markings to allow two of the options to be done so you can either do both Oregon planes or one each of the Oregon and Massachusetts birds. As with all Caracal decals, this sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf so you are assured of getting the best.

January 2013

Thanks to Caracal Models for the review sheet. Get yours today from the link or have your local shop order it for you.

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