Caracal Models CD 48021: ANG F-15C Part 1

Units: 123 and 186 FS


$14.99  which includes US shipping


Scott Van Aken

Our friends at Caracal Models have really been cranking out the new decal sheets in the last several weeks. This latest one is another fine ANG sheet, this time for the Oregon and Montana ANG. Several of those units that were flying the Phantom or the F-16ADF have either been disbanded, incorporated into regular USAF units as part timers or have moved on to other types.

Such is the case here. The first two options are both for the 186 FS, Montana ANG. They were one of the last F-106 units and then transitioned to the F-16A/ADF version. They are now flying the F-15C out of, I believe, Great Falls, Montana. These two options are for planes from 2010 and 2011. One is a standard line bird while the other is the 120FS boss bird. Both are in the now standard Mod Eagle scheme.

The next two options are for the 123 FS, Oregon ANG, out of Portland, Oregon. Their previous rides were F-101s and F-4s in the air defense role and then they moved on to F-15As and now F-15Cs. As with the first two options, one standard line bird and one with some color is provided. The more colorful one has the RedHawks tail marking in red. These are from 2011 and 2012 and are also in the Mod Eagle scheme.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf and you get two complete data sets so that  two aircraft can be built using this sheet. This includes the wing walk and refueling probe door areas. Some of the stencils are a bit different depending on the plane you are building. Fortunately, the excellent full color decal sheet provides information on what goes where.

The recommended kit is by Hasegawa with the MSIP 2 upgrades provided by an aftermarket company. An an excellent new sheet that I would hope would see its way into 1/72 scale.

November 2012

Thanks to Caracal Models for the review sheet. Get yours today from the link or have your local shop order it for you.

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