Caracal Models CD 48020: ANG P-51D Part 1

Units: 165 and 111 FIS


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Scott Van Aken

The next new sheet from Caracal Models has a pair of ANG F-51Ds; one from Kentucky and the other from Texas. Kits of the P-51D are numerous and I am sure the builder will have no trouble finding one that is suitable. Both planes are basically unpainted metal with black nose anti-glare panels.

The Kentucky ANG plane (probably from the 165 FIS) is a target towing aircraft, hence all the yellow paint. This yellow covers that tail section as well as the full nose. The wing tips are also yellow so there will be some painting to do. This yellow is FS 33538. A black stripe decal is included for the fuselage and wing demarcation. Those who want to do a standard plane from the unit simply has to paint the nose yellow and leave off the rest of the yellow paint. It would, however, be a good idea to use different serial numbers.

The next is a 111 FIS plane from the Texas ANG. This one is quite typical of ANG planes of the period with little more than a red spinner and the unit badge on the lower forward fuselage. This plane is equipped with the ARA-8 system so will need to have two upper fuselage antennas side by side for this direction finder system.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and very much in register. Produced in the Czech Republic, they are probably quite thin so care will be needed in application.

October 2012

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