Caracal Models CD 48008: T-6 Texan II

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Scott Van Aken

Ibex models has recently released a 1/48 T-6 Texan II and so Caracal Models had produced a sheet for users not already covered in the kit sheet.

This sheet provides markings for four aircraft.

The first is a CT-156 Harvard II as operated for the RCAF. This is in a dark blue with aluminum spinner and airfoil leading edges.

Next is a Greek T-6 in a US style scheme of white over dark blue.

The third option is an Iraqi AF T-6 in overall FS 36375 grey.

The final option is a Moroccan AF T-6, also in a near US style scheme of white over dark blue.

There are some minor differences in antenna fit and I have to assume that the Ibex kit will provide all the variations needed.

These decals are superbly printed by Microscale and contain enough data markings to do one aircraft. The placement instructions are in full color and on a glossy cardstock. FS 595 color references are used where applicable.

December 2011

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