Caracal Models CD 48003: ANG F-100C/D/F Part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Hun fans rejoice!  Caracal Models has come out with another new sheet, this time covering the F-100 in Air National Guard service. As many know, the Hun was the backbone of the ANG ground attack units for a good ten years or so. Some units started with the F-100C before moving on to the D model, while most had at least one two seater to give rides to VIPs and bring some pilots back up to specs.

Just about all units flew the plane in the SEA camouflage scheme of FS 34079, 34102, 30102 over 36622. They also had unpainted afterburner areas on the tail as the paint would be burned away by the heat in most cases. This scheme was pretty standard in terms of application, though there were small variances as it was hand applied.

Units covered in this sheet are the 118 TFS Connecticut ANG, 110 TFS Missouri ANG, 113 TFS Indiana ANG, and 128 TFS Georgia ANG. Each one of these units has unique markings for an F-100D and two seat F-100F. The 110 TFS was one of the longer serving Hun squadrons so there is not only an early F-100D scheme, but also markings for an F-100C. This brings the total possible options to ten.

The sheet carries enough data markings and insignia to complete one aircraft. To do others, kit decals or possibly aftermarket insignia will need to be used. A comprehensive data markings guide is provided along with the full color profiles of the aircraft on the sheet. While there is no upper or right side camo guide provided, this should be the same as in the kit instructions.

A few of these planes have some special markings. The 113 TFS F-100D has the name 'City of Terra Haute' and was the last ANG F-100 to fly in 1979 (It ended up being the YQF-100D and expended in 1983. Thanks to Dave Cook for that info) while the 110 TFS F-100D has a bicentennal ANG badge. The decals themselves are superbly printed, crisply done and in full registration by Microscale, so they will work well with the weaker setting solutions. They are designed for the Trumpeter kits but should work with the older Monogram version as well.

An excellent sheet that you should seriously consider picking up.

October 2011

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