Caracal Models CD 48001 MQ-9 Reaper

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Scott Van Aken

Always great to see a new decal company, and especially one that provides sheets of interesting companies. Caracal Models out of Texas has provided the first sheet I've seen for the new Skunk Models kit.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Microscale and offers markings for seven different aircraft. Aside from one in overall white, these aircraft are all painted in FS 36375 upper surfaces with FS 36176 on the underside. Doing a general search for paint, it seems that this  latter shade is the same dark grey used on the Mod Eagle scheme.

Anyway, the two non USAF options are for a NASA version named "Ikhana" in overall white and an RAF version. The NASA plane will require modification to take away several of the systems, including the FLIR sensor. The RAF variant  with 39 Squadron (which, I believe, last flew Canberra PR.9s) is standard and even carries the US serial in addition to the RAF one.

For the the rest There are three of them with the 432nd Wing. One is a standard marking, one has special 432 WG markings and the third has 42 ATKS markings. The units for these aircraft are considered Attack Squadrons, something that the USAF hasn't had in ages.

One option is for the 174th Attack Wing, New York ANG, which traded in F-16s for these. Finally, there is the 29th Attack Squadron, 49th Wing. The 49th was the F-117 Stealth fighter wing.

The set includes full painting and placement information in a small booklet along with references on where to find some photos of these aircraft.

If you are into the latest in unmanned aircraft, then this is a sheet you simply must have.

April 2011

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