Caracal Models CD 32001: 49 FW F-117A

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet marks Caracal Models' initial foray into 1/32 sheets with a very nice one on the now gone F-117A Nighthawk. To my knowledge, few others have decided to cover this aircraft in this scale and this one is for the Trumpeter kit.

As the plane was only flown by one wing, this sheet covers its time with the 49 FW during the last years of the aircraft's existence. Based at Holloman AFB out in the New Mexico desert, the aircraft deployed wherever it was needed and performed sterling service, proving that stealth could work.

There are three different aircraft covered by this sheet. First one is the 49 FW boss bird from 2006with a light grey tail band proclaiming 'Fighting Forty Niners'.

Next is the commander's plane from the 9th FS, the 'Flying Knights' in 2006 with its red tail band.

The final option is the yellow tail banded 'Black Sheep' plane from the 8th FS in 2003.

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf in Italy and contains enough data markings and insignia for one aircraft. As I am sure the Trumpeter sheet is going to be deficient, this makes this one a 'must have' for those building this big kit.

It is nice to see aftermarket for aircraft like this and I'd encourage folks to buy this so they can do more. You can get this sheet direct from

June 2012

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