Caracal Models CD72118: CV/MC-22 Osprey

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Scott Van Aken

This new sheet from Caracal Models provides markings for the V-22 Osprey. After a fairly rocky development and initial deployment period, the V-22 has entered service with the USAF, USMC, and recently the USN. The Air Force uses them to replace the HH-53 Jolly Green in SOS squadrons and calling them CV-22s while the USMC used the type to replace their CH-46 Sea Knights and designated them MV-22s. Though none are on this sheet, the USN is using them to replace the C-2 as the COD. The type has also been sold overseas, with the Japanese being the first to operate them. 

There are seven options on this sheet, including;

CV-22B Osprey 05-0065, 7th SOS - USAF

CV-22B Osprey 05-0029, 71st SOS - USAF

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168220, VMM-265 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168214, VMX-1 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168303, VMM-266 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168342, VMM-363 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey "JG-1702", Japan Ground Self Defense Force

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and appears to offer enough common markings for many of the aircraft. This set is designed for the Hasegawa kit which I believe, it pretty much it when it comes to this aircraft in this scale.

April 2021

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