Caracal Models CD 72112: A-10A 'Cold War Hogs'

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Scott Van Aken

Going back a bit in time, we have the latest Caracal Models sheet concentrating on the Lizard/Euro 1 camouflaged A-10A. The Euro 1 scheme was the second camouflage scheme worn by the A-10 with initial aircraft wearing a grey's scheme that was quite similar to what they have now.

This sheet is identical to the 1/48 version in that it contains markings for a dozen A-10As, some with names and others with mission markings gained during Desert Storm. Included here are:

A-10A 78-0670 138th TFS, New York Air National Guard

A-10A 78-0685 138th TFS, New York Air National Guard

A-10A 81-0979 509th TFS, RAF Alconbury

A-10A 81-0967 "Brothers in Arms", 511st TFS, RAF Alconbury

A-10A 80-0206 92nd TFS, RAF Bentwaters

A-10A 81-0952 510th TFS, RAF Bentwaters

A-10A 81-0962 91st TFS, RAF Bentwaters

A-10A 81-0950 78th TFS, RAF Bentwaters

A-10A 78-0599 "Bird of Prey", 355th TFS, Operation Desert Storm

A-10A 79-0099 "Fang", 355th TFS, Operation Desert Storm

A-10A 79-0112 "Here Comes The Judge", 355th TFS, Operation Desert Storm

A-10A 78-0724 "Leslie the Seminole Warrior", 355th TFS, Operation Desert Storm

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and appears to offer enough common markings for two aircraft. You also get a variety of numbers in case you'd rather do another aircraft from the unit. Though no kit is specified, there is no lack of A-10A kits in this scale so choose what is available.

April 2021

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