Caracal Models CD 72103: F-16 - The Early Years

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Scott Van Aken

Typical of brand new aircraft, the F-16 was originally prototyped with two airframes. Once the type was accepted for production, a group of full scale development aircraft were made to test the various aspects of the aircraft, from engines to electronics to changes in the airframe. Once those jobs were done, the airframes were often used as test subjects for other projects

This particular sheet covers the early operation of both prototypes and some FSD airframes. Note that the prototypes did not have a radar so had a more pointed nose. The only kit of which I am aware that duplicates the prototypes are the prototype kits produced by Revell. I'm not sure if they adjusted the mold for the larger radome, but you can find it in the second hand market. There may also be an aftermarket nose out there. For the CCV planes, I'd recommend the Hasegawa boxing if you can locate one. For the standard F-16As there are a variety of good kits available so finding one won't be an issue.

We are provided a dozen different options, with most planes in the red, white, and blue prototype scheme. Note that I've adjusted the image to allow the white bits to be more visible.

YF-16 72-1567

YF-16 72-1567, 1975 European Flight Demonstration

YF-16 72-1568YF-16

72-1568, prospective operator flags

YF-16 72-1568, prospective operator flags w/Israeli flag

YF-16 72-1568, "cloud" scheme

YF-16 CCV 72-1567, Air Force Fight Dynamics Laboratory

F-16A 75-0745 (First FSD jet)

F-16A 75-0745 (First FSD jet with flags)

F-16/79 75-0752 (GE J79 engine)

F-16/101 75-0745 (GE F101 engine)

AFTI/F-16 (Phase I/II)

The decals are printed by Cartograf so you can expect the best. You are provided common markings for several planes. The black stripes are for the walk areas on the upper fuselage and wings.

November 2020

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