Caracal Models CD 72092: Fokker F.27 Troopship

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has brought out a sheet that I'd not thought they'd do. This one is for the Fokker F.27 Troopship. This is a military variant of their very successful F.27 Friendship airliner, some of which are still flying.

The F.27 only had limited military sales with many nations wanting the larger C-130. Howeverhas decided to go whole hog on the SR-71 family of aircraft in 1/72 scale and release two sets, that while tested on the Revell kit, should work fine on the Hasegawa and others.  Painting most of these is fairly easy as they are all a black color or a combination of unpainted metal with black areas. Note that in some instances, the color has been reported as a blue-black, but the times I've seen these planes operationally, they certainly look black to me.

There are 4 markings options on this sheet.

Two of these are with the Dutch Air Force. One is a standard plane and the other is painted in special markings to celebrate 75 years of the Dutch Air Force. These are from the late 80s.

A Finnish AF plane is next and this is in the 2005 paint scheme.

Finally a very colorful aircraft from the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy. This one would probably be more fun to paint. These latter two options are from the early 2000s.

The sheet is very nicely done by Microscale and offers what few stencils are required so read the well done instructions to be sure you are using the right ones. The sheet has been designed for the Airfix kit. ESCI did one of these as well but there is no guarantee the window stripe on the Dutch offering will fit. A quick google showed a lot more ESCI kits available.

October 2019

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