Caracal Models CD 72087: F-15 'The Early Years'

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Scott Van Aken

Recently Caracal Models produced a sheet for the early F-15 in 1/48 scale. This is the 1/72 version of that sheet. The sheet includes four prototypes/pre-production aircraft, a specially stripped down plane used for record flights, and three used by the initial Eagle training wing.

Note that when first being tested, these planes had squared off wing tips and no 'dogtooth' in the horizontal stabilizer. They also had the thin mass balances on the top of each fin. Note that the second option later had the long probe removed and replaced with a standard nose cone. All the surviving prototypes were soon updated with the production standard stabs and wing tips. Note that on the first option, the red-orange is fluorescent while on 283 it is international orange and on 285 it is insignia blue. 

The sheet provides options for eight aircraft:  

F-15A 71-0280 first F-15 flight

F-15A 71-0283 prototype #3

F-15A 71-0285 prototype #5

F-15A 72-0119 "Streak Eagle" record breaker

F-15A 71-0284 1st TFW (this was used as a maintenance trainer)

F-15A 73-0103, 58th TFTW

F-15B 73-0111, 58th TFTW

F-15B 73-0112, 58th TFTW

There are a number of F-15A/B kits out that that would be good to use with this sheet. Note that these planes all had the turkey feathers on the afterburners. For the first option, if you don't want to do a lot of sanding or adding bits to the wing tip, you need to seek out the initial Hasegawa F-15 boxing which comes as the prototype. It can be found with a bit of looking. Note that no kit comes with the long nose probe.

This is a very welcome sheet for early F-15s. The Air Superiority Blue used in the last four options can also be found with a bit of searching. Decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf and there are enough data markings for two planes.

July 2019

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