Caracal Models CD 72081: DH-104 Dove part 2

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Scott Van Aken

This particular Caracal Models sheet is the second one for the AModel 1/72 Dove. and provides seven different options for this kit.  The majority of these markings are either RAF or RN aircraft with one civil type to add to the mix. Some of these are fairly colorful with the green and white 'admiral's barge' being an interesting color scheme.

Here is what you have on the sheet:

deHavilland DH 104 Devon C1 VP978, British Air Attache

deHavilland DH 104 Sea Devon XJ319, Royal Navy

deHavilland DH 104 Sea Devon XJ324, Royal Navy

deHavilland DH 104 Devon C2 XM223, Royal Aircraft

deHavilland DH 104 Devon C1 VP963, Royal Air Force Support Command Establishment

deHavilland DH 104 Devon C1 VP976, Royal Air Force

deHavilland DH 104 Dove "G-ARJB", JCB

The sheet provides some of the cheat lines for a few of the options, so that will be a big help. The orange markings are best painted on to ensure that the colors for the cheat line and fin are the same. The thin, double stripes you see on the upper right are for the anti-icing marks on the wings.

For photos that may help your build, you are directed to their web site. This set of markings is superbly printed by Microscale so you know you are getting the best.

October 2018

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