Caracal Models CD 72079: DH-104 Dove part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Once again, a sheet is produced for a kit I did not know existed. This one is for the recent AModel 1/72 DH.104 Dove, a type that saw considerable use as a light commercial aircraft as well as seeing considerable military use. This particular Caracal Models sheet is the first of at least two on the type and includes six different markings options.  There are a nice mixture of civil and military (RAF/RN) aircraft with the military ones being somewhat less colorful.

Here is what is included: 

deHavilland DH 104 Dove "G-ALFU", UK Civil Aviation Flying Unit

deHavilland DH 104 Dove "G-AREA", Hawker Siddeley Aviation

deHavilland DH 104 Devon C2 VP959, Royal Aircraft Establishment

deHavilland DH 104 Devon C1 XA879, Royal Air Force

deHavilland DH 104 Sea Devon C20 XK895, Royal Navy

deHavilland DH 104 Sea Devon C20 XJ348, Royal Navy

There are sufficient insignia to do two of the military options and Caracal has provided all the really difficult parts of the decal markings. I'm not sure what the blue cheat lines on the last two options wasn't included, but it is quite possible that these are included in the kit.  

For photos that may help your build, you are directed to their web site. This set of markings is superbly printed by Microscale so you know you are getting the best.

October 2018

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