Caracal Models CD 72077: B-52 Stratofortress part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to a recent release of a 1/72 late model B-52, we now have a nice sheet for the G/H version. There is still the Italeri/AMT kit out there, but most people go with the newer offerings. The vast majority of these aircraft are painted in the green/grey scheme with one in the even older SIOP scheme. The majority of the options provided are for the B-52G. All of these are named planes with a goodly number from Desert Storm. Shortly after this conflict, the G model was retired from service and most of them broken up.

The sheet provides options for eight aircraft:  

B-52G 58-0178 "Old Soldier", 43rd BW

B-52H 60-0024 "I'll Be Seeing You", 416th BW

B-52H 60-0007 "Medal of Honor", 7th BW

B-52G 58-0182 "What's Up Doc?", 379th BW

B-52G 58-0164 "SAC Time", 416th BW

B-52G 58-0249 "Urban Renewal", 379th BW

B-52G 58-0217 "The Liberator", 379th BW

B-52G 59-2580 "Miss Piggy", 97th BW

The decal sheet provides data markings for one aircraft. You are also provided a selection of serial numbers in case you wish to model another aircraft. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf. Note that the painting guide is not included with the sheet, only the nose and tail profiles. For info on colors and patterns you are directed to Caracal's web site.

July 2019

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