Caracal Models CD 72074: F-15C/D (Lakenheath)

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Scott Van Aken

This particular Caracal Models sheet is for the F-5C/D Eagle, specifically those based at Lakenheath in the UK. The sheet contains four planes, all in the current 'Mod Eagle' scheme. Since all these aircraft have been upgraded to MSIP II standard, the Academy and Hasegawa MSIP II boxings are those that are recommended.

An interesting feature of this sheet is that all the single seat F-15Cs have two kill markings, gained during Desert Storm while chasing fleeing Iraqi aircraft.

So here is what is on the sheet :

F-15C 84-0027 (one Mirage F-1 and one MiG-29 kill) 493FS flagship - 2014

F-15C 84-0019 (two Su-25 kills) 493FS - 2013

F-15C 86-0156 (two MiG-29 kills) 493FS - 2013

F-15D 84-0044 493FS - 2013

The sheet is superbly printed by Microscale and you have enough common markings and stencils for two planes. Extra fin striping is also provided. As usual, the instructions are superb and provide a complete stencil placement guide.

April  2018

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