Caracal Models CD 72071: F-100 in Vietnam

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Scott Van Aken

Early in the Vietnam war, the main ground attack jet used by the USAF was the F-100. It was also used as a 'Misty FAC' and a few Wild Weasel aircraft were developed using two seat F-100Fs. These all were replaced later in the war by Phantoms and Thunderchiefs.

This particular sheet provides markings for eleven SEA camouflaged Huns. There is a nice mixture of single and twin seat planes from pretty well all the units that flew it. A few things to note. One is that when freshly painted, paint covered the afterburner area, but was rather quickly burned off. This accounts for some of the rather ratty looking rear fuselages on painted F-100s. Secondly, though the instructions don't mention it, I'm pretty sure all these planes would have had the larger 335 gallon wing tanks and not the smaller 275 gallon versions. If your kit has the smaller ones, you can insert a tubular plug in the middle to represent this.

Here is what's on the sheet:

F-100D 56-3035 "Miss Dial", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-3053 "El Viejo Cazador", 510 TFS, Bien Hoa

F-100D 56-3163 "Day Tripper", 308 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-3456 "Darlene's Dear", 355 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-2927 "Thor's Hammer", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 55-2901 "Colleen", 309 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 56-3392 "Turtle Mountain Express", 306 TFS, Tuy Hoa

F-100D 55-2932 "Nashville Sound", 90 TFS, Bien Hoa

F-100F 58-1222 Misty FAC "Protester's Protector", 612 TFS Det.1, Phu Cat

F-100F 56-3764 Misty FAC, Phu Cat

F-100F 58-1226 (early Wild Weasel)

Instructions provide full stencil placement information and you get enough common markings for two aircraft. This sheet is printed by Cartograf. Most modelers will probably gravitate to the older ESCI kit which has been reissued by Italeri for the D, though the Hasegawa kit will work as well. The Trumpeter kit has a rather badly misshaped intake, though it is the newest of the offerings. For an F, there is AMT and Italeri as well as Trumpeter again.

September 2017

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