Caracal Models CD 72068: B-45A Tornado

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Scott Van Aken

After a very long time coming, we have a pretty nice kit of the USAF's first all jet bomber, the B-45. While the Valom kit is still considered to be borderline short run, it sure beats the only other injected plastic kit of which I'm aware in this scale, the one by Mach 2.

The B-45 was only operational with one wing, the 47th Light Bomb Wing. As far as I know, the bomber version was never used in combat, though the RB-45C did fly operational missions in Korea during the Korean war as well as missions in Europe.

There are markings for three planes on this sheet, one for each of the squadrons in the 47th. Red was the 84rd BS, Yellow for the 85th and Blue for the 86th. Apparently the Valom kit decals have some major errors, making this the 'go to' sheet for this kit. There are sufficient  common markings for one aircraft. The decals themselves are very nicely done by Microscale.

September 2017

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