Caracal Models CD 72060: Dark Vipers

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Scott Van Aken

A recent camouflage scheme used on F-16Cs used in the wild weasel scheme is a radar absorbent paint called Have Glass 5th Generation and is similar to that used on the F-35.

It represents the evolution of the standard Have Glass program that saw all the F-16s receiving a two-tone grey color scheme made with a special radar-absorbing paint capable to reduce the aircraft Radar Cross Section: in fact, “Vipers” are covered with RAM (Radar Absorbent Material) made of microscopic metal grains that can degrade the radar signature of the aircraft.

Initially, the JSF-like paint job was to be applied to the F-16CM (formerly CJ) Block 40/42/50/52 Fighting Falcon aircraft that can carry a variety of air-to-air and air-to-surface ordnance, including  HARM (High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles) and precision-guided munitions. However, it seems to be gaining greater acceptance on other versions as seen by the use on these ANG jets from last year and this year.

F-16C Block 50 91-0410, 179 FS, Minnesota ANG

F-16C Block 50 90-0831, 179 FS, Minnesota ANG

F-16D Block 50 90-0846, 179 FS, Minnesota ANG

F-16C Block 42 90-0702, 112 FS, Ohio ANG

F-16C Block 42 88-0539, 125 FS, Oklahoma ANG

F-16C Block 52 93-0545, 157 FS, South Carolina ANG

F-16C Block 52 92-3916, 157 FS, South Carolina ANG

F-16C Block 40 88-0422, 175 FS, South Dakota ANG

The markings are printed by Microscale with enough insignia and data markings to do two aircraft.  While not kit is specified, there are some nice ones out there and I think most will choose the Tamiya version if buying a kit for this sheet.

April 2017

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