Caracal Models CD 72058: B-52H Stratofortress

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Scott Van Aken

The B-52 has been around longer than many of you have been on earth. With no real replacement in the offing, the USAF fleet has been reduced to the last B-52s built, the B-52H. These are powered by early turbofans so don't produce the prodigious smoke of the earlier variants. With all the G airframe broken up due to various weapons reduction treaties, these will have to do for now.

There are three bomb wings flying the type; one in Minot, ND and two at Barksdale LA. One of the LA units is a reserve wing. All of these are covered in this set. All of the options are painted overall gunship grey.

Here are the eleven options:

B-52H 60-0059 "The Devil's Own" (96th Bomb Sqn commander's aircraft)

B-52H 60-0033 "Peace Persuader"

B-52H 61-0029 "SAC Time"

B-52H 60-0018 "POW-MIA"

B-52H 61-0017 "Lone Star Lady II"

B-52H 60-0023 "Bomber Barons" (23rd Bomb Sqn commander's aircraft)

B-52H 60-0053 "Louisiana Fire"

B-52H 61-0004 "Lobo"

B-52H 60-0022 "Deuces Wild"

B-52H 61-0008 "FDNY - We Remember"

B-52H 61-0007 "Ghost Rider"

There are three sheets with the set. One is strictly serial numbers and so I've shown but a small section of that. There are sufficient common markings for one plane, though you can probably get that from the kit if you wish to do more than one. Currently, only the AMT kit is available, but Modelcollect is planning one and these markings should fit that without any difficulty. A comprehensive data placement guide is also provided.

June 2017

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