Caracal Models CD 72056: B-1B Lancer

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a very nice sheet for the Monogram 1/72 B-1 Lancer kit. There is also the Airfix kit, but it is quite inaccurate for a production version as it was molded based on the prototypes. Even the Monogram kit does not have all the current upgrades, though there is aftermarket out there to help with this. One thing about the B-1 in its current set up as provided on this sheet, it will be easy to paint as it is overall gunship grey.

Thanks to the relatively low production run, which made the planes rather costly, there have been few units flying these. For a brief period, two ANG squadrons were flying the B-1, but those did not last long before the squadrons were switched over to non-lethal types. The 127th to KC-135Rs (now disbanded) and the 128th being deactivated for ten years and now flying E-8C aircraft.

Without further ado, here is what is on the sheet.  

85-0073 "Dark Knight", 9th BS, Dyess AFB, 2014

B-1B 86-0126 "Hungry Devil", 28th BS, Dyess AFB, 2013

B-1B 86-0121 "Symphony of Destruction", 37th BS, Ellsworth AFB, 2003

B-1B 86-0132 "Oh! Hardluck", 337th TES, Dyess AFB 2013. This plane as an OT tail code and is the Test and Evaluation unit whose purpose is to test modifications that might go into the fleet.

B-1B 86-0139 "Dakota Queen", 34th BS, Ellsworth AFB, 2004

B-1B 85-0059 "The Last Laugh", 128th BS (Georgia ANG), Robins AFB, 2000

B-1B 85-0069 "Home Improvement", 127th BS (Kansas ANG), McConnell AFB, 1998

This set includes a full set of stencils, including wing walk markings for one aircraft. The instruction booklet is excellent and provides full date and wing walk placement information. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf.

If you have one of these big kits in your stash, you should seriously consider picking up this sheet.

December 2016


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