Caracal Models CD 72055: P2V Neptune part 1

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Scott Van Aken

A subject that has had minimal coverage from the decal folks is the Hasegawa 1/72 P2V Neptune. Though one of their older kits, it does build into a very nice model and thanks to that nice, large radome, there is a goodly amount of space to put the weight it needs to keep from tail sitting. The kit is not difficult to find and is often available on the second hand market.

This particular sheet covers a variety of Neptunes, mostly -5 and -7s. The Hasegawa kit is a -7 with the main difference being the canopy as the one on the -5 if flat. To do a proper early Neptune, you'll need either an Airmodel conversion set or the Falcon triple conversion for the P2V-5. These can require a bit of looking, but they are out there.  The instruction sheet includes a separate insert covering a lot of the differences. The upper and lower wing markings are provided via Caracal's on-line reference.

So here is what's on the sheet:

P2V-7 Neptune BuNo. 135552, VP-2, US Navy

SP2-H Neptune BuNo. 135596, VP-11, US Navy

SP-2H Neptune BuNo. 140433, VP-11, US Navy

SP-2H Neptune BuNo. 147968, VP-2, US Navy

RB-69A 44037, USAF

P2V-5 Neptune BuNo. 131409, Naval Aircraft Torpedo Unit,

US NavyDP-2E Neptune BuNo. 128347, VC-1,

US NavyP2V-5 Neptune BuNo. 131418, VP-26, US Navy

There are sufficient insignia, data markings and walkway markings for one plane. Note that the dark grey planes had white stripes for the wing walk markings and those are included (though hidden a bit by the smaller sheet). The light grey planes had solid wing walks that will need to be painted.

Instructions are superb and provide not only a lot of info but a URL for even more painting information. This set of markings is superbly printed by Cartograf so you know you are getting the best.

January 2018

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