Caracal Models CD 72054: ANG P-51D

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Scott Van Aken

After WWII, there were a lot of pilots who wanted to keep their flying skills. As a result, the various National Guard units became quite active. Thankfully, there were a lot of aircraft available, many of them brand new and not used in combat or training. From what I can see, that applied to the planes shown in this sheet. Both the Mustang and to a lesser extent, the P-47 were widely used in fighter units, while bomber units flew A-26s. Fortunate for the US that this was the case as a number of these unit's planes were required for the Korean War.

It is nice that Caracal Models reduces many of its 1/48 sheets for the 1/72 builder. We are also quite fortunate that there are a number of nice kits of the D model Mustang. Most modelers will gravitate towards the Tamiya and Airfix versions. I would recommend that readers choose the F-51D boxing in both cases as they will want to have the later mods in terms of the correct prop and canopy as well as being able to install rocket rails As always, it s wise to locate photos of the plane you wish to model.

This sheet offers six different options starting with the one that has all the yellow on it from the Kentucky ANG. Some think that this is because they were target towers, but regardless, it is colorful.

Next is from the Texas ANG with the 111FIS. Red spinner and black around the exhaust pretty well covers the different colors.

A nice yellow and black checker tail ar provided for the Wyoming ANG's 187 FIS.

The most bland of the group is the one from the 148 FIS, Pennsylvannia ANG. It has but a white fin tip. .

Finally a 155 FIS, Tennessee ANG plane with a red spinner and yellow on flight tips and the gear doors.

There are sufficient insignia for two planes, but you can glean that from the kits if you want to do more. The large ANG letters can be found on other letter sheets as well. These are Microscale printed decals and well done they are.

I am a big post war P-51 fan and would hope that  sales of this and the larger sheet would engender some regular USAF continental US squadron sheets.

June 2017

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