Caracal Models CD 72051: DHC-4 (C-7) Caribou

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a nice sheet for a kit that can really benefit from a decent set of markings. The Caribou was originally designed to be an Army transport, but after whining from the USAF about the Army having tactical fixed wing aircraft, the entire production run was turned over to the USAF. The plane's STOL capabilities were well used in Vietnam and this sheet covers many planes that served there. With one exception, all the options are in the SEA camouflage scheme. That exception being the first option. It also should probably be an a gloss scheme was was typical of the day. Note also that there are differences in the way the lower demarcation lines are portrayed.

So here is what's on the sheet:

CV-2 Caribou 62-4169, 61th Av. Company - US Army, Vietnam 1963

C-7 Caribou 62-4160, 458th TAS - USAF, Vietnam 1967

C-7 Caribou 63-9738, VNAF, Vietnam 1968

C-7 Caribou 60-5436, 700th TAS - USAF, Dobbins AFB 1973

C-7 Caribou 63-9757, 700th TAS - USAF, Dobbins AFB 1980

C-7 Caribou 61-2391, 150th TAS - New Jersey Air National Guard, Mc Guire AFB 1976

The only kit of which I am aware for this is the Hobbycraft version. It is not impossible to find, but not all that easy either. The ebayers are asking stupid prices for it ($80-125.00). The sheet provides enough common data for one plane and insignia for three as long as two of those are the Army and Vietnamese version. If you have this kit already, then this is the sheet for you.

Octover 2017

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