Caracal Models CD 72044: Dornier Do-228

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Scott Van Aken

This is the first sheet I've seen on this aircraft that concentrates on military and para-military markings. The Do-228 is not a type that ready comes to the mind of most modelers, but the type has been quite successful with various forces as well as with airlines. In this Caracal Models sheet, we have markings for seven different aircraft in a variety of schemes. Some of these are simple and others are a bit more complex. Here is a list of what is provided:

Dornier Do 228 "OH-MVN", Finnish Border Guards

HAL/Dornier Do 228 "IN231", Indian Navy

HAL/Dornier Do 228 "IN237", Indian Navy

HAL/Dornier Do 228 "HM706", Indian Air Force

Dornier Do 228 "102", Italian Army

Dornier Do 228 "PH-CGC", Netherlands Coast Guard

Dornier Do 228 "1110", Royal Thai Navy

The decals themselves are printed by Microscale and you are provided with striping where it is needed. One set of Indian insignia is included. The instructions are very well done and provide upper and lower reference drawings in full color for all the complex scheme. For kits, there is a very nice one from Revell and that is what these decals are sized to fit. To see all the markings options, visit the link below.

 April 2016


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