Caracal Models CD 72036: Piaggio P.180 Avanti

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Scott Van Aken

A very cool canard business class aircraft is the Piaggio P.180. It and the now defunct Beech Starship, have to be some of the neatest aircraft of this type in the skies. Piaggio's aircraft follows a somewhat similar shape though it has straight wings. Thanks to their experience with a small amphibian, developing the engine arrangement was not difficult. Over the years, it has been used by both well-heeled civilians and by the military.

This particular sheet was developed to fit the A-model kit. All of the aircraft have a base color of white with some getting simply stripes and others a more involved paint scheme.  There are five options as follows.

First is an Italian Air Force plane and probably the easiest to paint.

Next is an aircraft used by Polish Medical Rescue. The ventral strakes on this will need to be painted to match the decal.

The most involved scheme is from the Italian Coast Guard with large areas of red. That and the blue stripe will need to be painted by the modeler. Caracal does provide upper and lower drawings for all the options.

Next, wIth a nice green stripe is an Italian Army Avanti.

FInally, from the Pan European Air Service is one with nice blue highlights. On this one the entire engine nacell is blue.

The markings are printed by Microscale on this one and includes both the door outlines and the outlines for the cockpit windows.

September 2017

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