Caracal Models CD 72034: MQ-9 Reaper

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models' first sheet was the MQ-9 and now they have come out with a second sheet, this time covering  eight options, including three foreign users. In most cases, these are painted FS 36375 over 36176.

Starting with the non-USAF operators we have Ikhana", an all white aircraft that is without the nose sensor, weapons pylons or the GPS antenna operated by the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in 2008.

With 39 Squadron, RAF in 2014, is ZZ205

Italy operates an MQ-9 as well, this options from 2013.

Then there is a French plane with ED 1/33 'Belfort' in 2014. This unit used to fly various Mirage recce birds.

Naturally, the ANG has units flying the plane, including the 196 RS, California ANG and the 138th  Attack Squadron, New York ANG.

The two active duty drone operators are the 432 Wing at Creech AFB and the 29th AS at Holloman AFB.

The set includes full color painting and markings guide and there are enough common markings included to do several aircraft as these are not very markings intensive. There are two kits available at this time, one from Skunkmodels and the other from Italeri. I do not know if the Italeri kit is simply a rebox of the Skunkmodels kit.

April 2015

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