Caracal Models CD 72033: F-16 Florida Makos

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has come out with another excellent decal sheet for the F-16 and this time has picked a rather cool looking special scheme plane. This one is for the aircraft of the 93 FS/482 FW, a reserve unit based at Homestead AFB in Florida, one of the few USAF Reserve units still flying fighters as most other reserve units have either been transitioned to transport types, incorporated with regular USAF units or disbanded.

This particular sheet is designed for the Tamiya F-16C and requires a 'big mouth' aircraft. Not to say it wouldn't fit other appropriate 1/72 F-16Cs, but just that there is no guarantee the bits will fit. As you can see, there is a rather large addendum sheet with this one as Cartograf made the dark grey shark markings too dark as you can probably tell from the image, so you have a Microscale replacement that is in the proper shade. If you want to make some masks for the front part of the shark motif (recommended) that is available on line at the link provided in the decals.  A superb sheet and one that will make quite an eye-catching presentation. 

March 2015

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