Caracal Models CD 72029: F-35A/B Joint Strike Fighter

Units: Pretty much all of them to this point


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Scott Van Aken

You may recall that Caracal Models produced a couple of 1/48 sheets on the F-35 earlier this year. Pretty much both of those sheets have been incorporated into this 1/72 offering. It also covers just about every unit currently flying the plane. All of these planes are in a rather unusual grey scheme and the instructions suggest that dark slate grey by Humbrol may well be the closest match to FS 36170.

There are an even dozen options on this sheet and it looks like there are enough common markings to do at least two of them. Note that the sheet image has been darkened to make the markings easier to see.

We start off with two planes from VMFAT-101. The 2013 option is a standard line bird while the 2015 option is the squadron commander's plane so has some color in the tail.

Next is one of the test birds from VX-23. This plane was used in carrier trials.

The fourth option is from VMFA-121 in 2015. Like the previous four options, this one is an F-35B.

The first of the F-35As is from the 422nd TES based at Nellis AFB in 2015 and carries the OT tail code.

With an EG tail code is an F-35A from the 58th FS, also based at Nellis in 2015.

Option seven is a plane with the 61st FS based at Luke AFB in 2014. Like the previous option, this LF tail coded plane is attached to Training Command.

Another Nellis based plane is one with a WA tail code with the 16th WPS in 2015.

There are four 'foreign' planes on the sheet. The first two are with the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Both have OT tail codes and differ only in serial number.

The RAF option is from 2013 and serialed ZM137. This is an F-35B

Finally, there is the first Australian F-35A from 2015 and while no unit is shown, it has the 2 OCU markings on the tail. There are alternate serials for this and the British option.

The decals are printed by Cartograf and while no kits are recommended, there are several newish ones on the market that should work just fine as none of the markings are such that they need to fit a specific kit. The full color instruction booklet provides lots of information in addition to being a placement guide.

August 2015

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