Caracal Models CD 72017: USMC AV-8A Harrier

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Scott Van Aken

Nice to see this new sheet hitting the streets. The AV-8A Harrier is one of those subjects that has been kitted a number of times in 1/72 from several manufacturers including Hasegawa, ESCI and others. Most of these kits are pretty old in the tooth as they say and so their decals are probably worthless. Besides, it is nice to have a ton of options all in one place and done with high quality decals.

There are at least two options for all of the squadrons who flew the AV-8A before moving on to the AV-8B (as much due to attrition as anything for the Harrier had a somewhat high loss level compared to 'standard' military jets. The Harrier was also produced in two major camouflage schemes. One was green and medium grey over light grey. Later the AV-8A was painted in a wraparound scheme, but this sheet does not cover that option. All of these are in the early scheme. What is different in some is the removal of the color insignia and for the most part, when that happened, the colorful rudder markings went away as well. Other differences are that none of these planes have refueling probes and some do not have the slime lights.

In all, there are a dozen different markings options provided and these are listed below.

  • AV-8A BuNo. 158703 (flight test scheme w/orange panels
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158702, VMA-231 (temporary winter camouflage)
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, USS Roosevelt
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159256, VMA-231, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158967, VMA-542, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158950, VMA-542, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158976, VMA-513, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159368, VMAT-203, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159252, VMAT-203, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158975, VMA-513 Det. A, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158966, VMA-513 Det. B, high-vis scheme
  • The set comes with a full color camo placement and markings booklet as well as other information pertaining to each of the markings options. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf. I have darkened the sheet to make the white parts easier to see.

    January 2014

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