Caracal Models CD 72015: PBM Mariner Part 1

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Scott Van Aken

For those who bought the recent Academy Mariner kit and were wondering when some aftermarket sheets would be available, that wait is over. Caracal Models has produced two new sheet and this is the first one. Most of these options are in overall gloss sea blue with one in the tricolor scheme. You'll also note a variety of radomes on the upper fuselage, with those of post-war planes having a smaller version.

The first option is a plane of the Naval Air Test Center at Pax River, MD. This one is from 1949 and sports the smaller radome. It is also fully armed.

Next is another post war plane, this time from Air Development Squadron One (VX-1) which was at Key west in 1949. This is a PBM-5S.

Based in Saipan at the end of WWII is the next option from VPB -26. This aircraft is overall black for night operations.

Our tri-color plane is named 'Umbriago III' and was with VPB-21 during 1945.

Finally, another post war plane, this time a transport version with VF-21 based in Japan during 1950.

The Academy kit includes both radome types as well as the transport nose and I'm assuming a turret blanking plate as well.

There are enough insignia to do one wartime and one post war aircraft. I have darkened the sheet significantly so you can see the white bits. As usual, the decals are superbly printed by Microscale and Caracal Models provides a full color instruction and placement sheet.

Any of these options will be eye-catching and should motivate many of you to build what will be a large model. 

October 2014

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