Caracal Models CD 72013: ANG F-15C/D

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This latest new sheet from Caracal Models is one that is quite welcome, especially for 1/72 F-15 enthusiasts. This sheet contains eleven different options from four different units. These planes have all been upgraded to MSIP II levels and as such, the Hasegawa and Academy kits are the ones recommended. All the schemes are from the 2010 to 2013 time frame and so are in the Mod Eagle camouflage scheme of FS 36176 and 36251. There are at least two options from each unit, one of which is an F-15D.

The first unit on the cover sheet is the 114 FS, Oregon ANG. This is the training outfit and there are three options. One has a full color tail marking while the other two are low visibility. As such, this unit has some relatively old F-15C/D aircraft.

Next is the 123 FS, Oregon ANG. This unit is based in Portland and so on the other side of the state from the previous unit. Again, one aircraft has a full color tail marking while the other two are in shades of grey.

The third unit was previously flying the A-10 and was the beneficiary of the 101FS no longer flying aircraft so it gots its planes. There are two options for this unit; one F-15C and one F-15D.

Finally, we have the 186 FS, Montana ANG. This unit flew F-15s for but two years, acquiring it aircraft from the 110FS, Missouri ANG, in 2008 and transferring them out in 2010. After over 60 years of fighters and interceptors, the unit is now flying C-130H trash haulers. There are three options for this unit as well, all markings in greyshade.

  • The decal set includes enough common markings for two aircraft and in some cases, you can do one color and another low viz scheme from the same unit. Of course, if you wish to do more than two from the sheet, you can always use kit decals. These decals are superbly printed by Cartograf, and the full color markings placement guide offers all you'll need to do a first class model.

    September 2014

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