Caracal Models CD 48219: B-26K Counter Invader

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Scott Van Aken

Prompted by the release of ICM's B-26K Invader kit, we now have a superb sheet that covers nine different aircraft. Two of them are Congolese and the other seven are USAF. The Congolese planes and the prototype B-26K are in a dark green over light grey camouflage. The USAF planes are in a modified SEA scheme that has a black underside.

Here is what is on the sheet: 

B-26K prototype 64-17672

B-26K 64-17649 "Makasi", Congo conflict

B-26K 64-17646 "Boogie Bogey", Congo conflict

B-26K 64-17658 "Leapin' Lena"

B-26K 64-17660

B-26K 64-17677 "Batman" (Batman nose art)

B-26K 64-17653

B-26K 64-17667 ("Merrill's Marauders" nose art)

B-26K 64-17669 (Mission markings on starboard side)

The decals sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and includes full stencil suites for both options. Also provided are two sets of wing walk areas, one for each camouflage scheme.

March 2022

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