Caracal Models CD 48205 NASA F-15

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Scott Van Aken

The latest from Caracal Models is this very nice sheet for NASA F-15s. As you'd expect, the majority of the markings are the nice overall white with the large blue stripe outlined in gold. In fact, four of the seven are in this scheme and are a mixture of F-15A and F-15B/D aircraft. Not surprising is that most of the planes on this sheet are the preproduction Eagles. These planes have a mixture of NASA logos on the fin.

The other three options are a heavily modified F-15B STOL prototype. This is the airframe that at one time was tested with vectored exhaust. It was used in a variety of programs and has a set of large canards on the forward intakes. Not sure if there are any dedicated kits for this so you may have to seek out aftermarket or do some scratch-building.

Note also that the last three options will require the red and blue areas to be painted on the aircraft. This will require quite a bit of masking. There are also areas of the blue stripe on the first four that will need painted as well to match the decals. Caracal offers a number of good photos via a link on their web site when doing these aircraft.

The sheet is very nicely printed by Cartograf and the instructions offer both side and upper views to help with painting and decal placement. If you are a fan of NASA aircraft, this is a sheet you should seriously consider.

March 2022

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