Caracal Models CD 48203: S.E.A. Camo

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Scott Van Aken

This next sheet is for a couple of special scheme aircraft. In particular, these planes are painted in the Southeast Asia scheme that was prevalent during the Vietnam War and several years after. These are only two of several planes I've seen similarly painted though on a number of the others they didn't exactly use period appropriate colors, resulting in some fairly odd schemes. It doesn't appear that was the case with these.

The first option is the 2021 display plane from the 355 FW at Davis-Mothnan AFB.

The other is from the 182 FS/149 FW, Texas ANG and is in a 2021 presentation scheme.

There is no lack of kits in 1/48 for a block 30 F-16 and most will probably gravitate to the Tamiya offering. As to the A-10, there are also a few good kits, though most will require updating as they were originally tooled a few years back.

The decals sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and includes full stencil suites for both options. Also provided are stripes to use for the wing walk areas. If you like special schemes, give this one a go.

March 2022

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