Caracal Models CD 48189: A-1 Skyraider in Vietnam

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet is for USAF A-1 Skyraiders in Vietnam. All of these aircraft are in the standard SEA camouflage scheme. Some have white tail lettering and others the later black. Note that for the most part, the A-1 in USAF service had no fuselage insignia. All of these options have nose art of some sort. Note that USAF A-1s did not have the engine shutters installed, most had different wheels and these may have had the Yankee Extraction System, but to be sure, check photos.

For kits, the majority of builders will head for the Tamiya kit. Though there are others that have been done, such as by ESCI or Monogram, the Tamiya version is widely available and the easiest build.

On this sheet we have:

A-1J 52-142056 "Tiny Tim", 602nd SOSA-1H 52-137628, 22nd SOS

A-1H 52-139779 "Mafia Madness", 602nd SOS

A-1H 52-137511 "Stump Jumper", 1st SOS

A-1J 52-142063 "The Hasler", 602nd SOS

A-1H 52-139738 "The Proud American", 1st SOS

A-1H 52-139780 "Firebird", 1st SOS

A-1H 52-139494 "The Ragin' Cajun", 1st SOS

A-1J 52-142076 "Kawliga", 602nd SOS

A-1H 52-139608 "Blood, Sweat, and Tears", 1st SOS

A-1H 52-139665 "Lieutenant America", 1st SOS

The decal sheet is superbly printed  by Cartograf and you are provided sufficient insignia for four of the options (three if you pick the one with fuselage insignia). Note that you also have a nice selection of numbers if you so wish to do an aircraft that his not shown on the sheet, a nice touch.

April 2021

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