Caracal Models CD 48182: A-6A/E USN Test Intruders

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Scott Van Aken

Pretty much every Navy aircraft has had examples spend time with test units. These units are used to test upgrades in the airframe. Some are the addition of new weapons while others are used for the installation of new equipment. From time to time, changes in the airframe itself are tested, such as the use of composite control surfaces or flight surfaces.

This particular set has six options from several test units. These are for both the A-6A and A-6E aircraft. Caracal recommends the Kinetic kit for this, but I'm sure that you can get these to fit older kits from Revell or Fujimi as well, though the stripes may require some adjusting.  

This is what is included: 

A-6A BuNo. 151784, Naval Missile Center

A-6A BuNo. 152642, Pacific Missile Test Center

A-6A BuNo. 157014, VX-5

A-6E BuNo. 159567, Naval Air Test Center

A-6E BuNo. 159567 (low-vis markings), Naval Air Test Center

A-6E BuNo. 156926, Naval Air Warfare Center 

The markings are printed by Microscale so are a known high quality. You are provided sufficient common markings for one aircraft.

October 2020

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