Caracal Models CD48180: TA-7C/EA-7L  Twosairs

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Scott Van Aken


This new sheet from Caracal Models provides markings for for the Navy's two seat A-7s Corsair IIs. These planes were all conversions of the standard A-7C for use with the two trainings squadrons, VA-122 and VA-174. However, the airframes were found to be very useful for other purposes, including modification to EA-7L spoof aircraft used to test the defenses of ship electronics. Aside from conversions, the only kit specifically made for the two seat A-7 in this scale is by HobbyBoss. Unfortunately, it suffers from a fairly badly misshaped intake, for which no one has provided an aftermarket replacement. 

There are nine options on this sheet, including;

TA-7C BuNo. 156738, Naval Weapons Center-China Lake

EA-7L BuNo. 156745, VAQ-34

TA-7C BuNo. 156738, Naval Weapons Center-China Lake

TA-7C BuNo. 156787, Pacific Missile Test Center

TA-7C BuNo. 156750, Naval Weapons Evaluation Facility

TA-7C BuNo. 154477, Naval Air Test Center

TA-7C BuNo. 154455, VA-122, USS Lexington

EA-7L BuNo. 156751, VAQ-33

EA-7L BuNo. 156741, VAQ-34

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and appears to offer enough common markings for two of the options on the sheet as longs as one is the low-viz scheme. As always, you get excellent placement instructions.

June 2021

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