Caracal Models CD 48177: A-4M Skyhawk

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Scott Van Aken

The A-4M was a variant specifically built for the USMC and until some excess aircraft were provided to TopGun and sold to Brazil (and I think Argentina), no other nation or service used them. The aircraft was based on the A-4N, which was built for Israel and incorporated many of the upgrades of that aircraft as well as some specifically for the Marines.

The A-4M saw no combat with the USMC and served until replaced by the F-18 when the Skyhawks avionics became expensive to maintain. The Skyhawk airframe is incredibly strong which explains the success all variants have had in the foreign market, even after the US has cast them aside.

The sheet provides markings for six aircraft with the majority of these options being test units. All are in light gull grey over white save for the initial offering which is in a striking black and white scheme, which will prove fun to paint. The markings are designed for the Hasegawa kit and if you want to try them on the Hobbycraft or ESCI kit, go for it, but no guarantees.

A-4M BuNo. 158148, Naval Air Test Center

A-4M BuNo. 160045, VMA-211 "Wake Island Avengers"

A-4M BuNo. 159487, VMA-223 "Bulldogs"

A-4M BuNo. 160264, VX-5

A-4M BuNo. 158425, Naval Air Test Center

A-4M BuNo. 158148, Pacific Missile Test Center (PMTC)

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and you are supplied sufficient common markings for one aircraft.

October 2020

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