Caracal Models CD 48167: P-51H Mustang

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Scott Van Aken

The last of the Mustangs was the P-51H. It was the result of work to lighten the aircraft and to make it faster. It had a somewhat redesigned fuselage and a more powerful engine. Had the war in the Pacific lasted a bit longer it would have made it into combat, but it didn't and that is how it goes.

Some planes were put into service with USAAF units right after the war and it was also used by the new USAF, though mostly in ANG service. The lack of numbers and limited spares are what kept it out of Korea.

The decals are designed for the Modelsvit kit, but really, since you have to paint most of the color stuff, you could use it with the older Classic Airframes and MPM kits if you happen to have one. The vast majority of these schemes are unpainted metal with OD or black anti-glare panels on the nose.

We are provided nine options and here they are:

F-51H Mustang 44-64203

F-51H Mustang 44-64461 "Ah'm Available", 62nd FS

F-51H Mustang 44-64319

F-51H Mustang 44-64203, "NACA 130"

F-51H Mustang 44-64633, DC Air National Guard

F-51H Mustang 44-64675, Tyndall AFB

F-51H Mustang 44-64346, Pennsylvania Air National Guard. This is in fluorescent red upper surfaces.

F-51H Mustang 44-64350, California Air National Guard

F-51H Mustang 44-64505, Maryland Air National Guard

The decals are printed by Cartograf so you can expect the best. Note that the stripes are for the first two options.

April 2020

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