Caracal Models CD48165: OV-1 Mohawk

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Scott Van Aken

This new sheet from Caracal Models provides markings for for the OV-1. It covers all four of the major variants so there is something here for everyone. The only kit in this scale is by Roden and thay have them all covered.

There are eleven options on this sheet, including;

OV-1C Mohawk 61-2679, 1st Cav Division - ASTA, US Army (Vietnam War)

OV-1A Mohawk 59-2615, 225th Avn. Co., US Army (Vietnam War)

OV-1A Mohawk 63-13133, 73rd Avn. Co., US Army (Vietnam War)

OV-1C Mohawk 66-18887, 131st Avn. Co., US Army (Vietnam War)

OV-1B Mohawk 62-5903, 122nd Avn. Co., US Army

OV-1B Mohawk 62-5899, 3rd Armored Div., US Army

OV-1C Mohawk 68-15957, US Army Intelligence School, US Army

OV-1D Mohawk 68-16999, US Army Intelligence School, US Army

OV-1B Mohawk 62-5865, Georgia Army National Guard

OV-1D Mohawk 68-15953 "One Bad B**ch", 2nd Mil. Intel. Bat., US Army (Desert Storm)

OV-1B Mohawk 62-5866, US Navy Test Pilot School

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and appears to offer enough common markings for two of the options on the sheet.

June 2021

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