Caracal Models CD 48164: CV/MV-22 Osprey

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Scott Van Aken

This next Caracal Models sheet is for the CV-22/MV-22 Osprey. After a fairly long development period, where all the bugs seemed to take a long time to work out of the system, slow production has been underway for the type. The Osprey is replacing the CH-46 medium lift helo in the USMC as well as the CH-53 Jolly Green with USAF combat rescue squadrons. The type has also been recently delivered to the Japanese army, the only non-US operator of the Osprey. Other nations have shown interest, but none have made an order.

This sheet covers all operators save the USN with six options. For kits, apparently only the Italeri one is available in 1/48. I built that kit back in 1990 when it came in a Testors box for the prototypes. I have to assume that Italeri has upgraded the molding with the latest bits.

Of the six options, two are USAF, three are USMC, and one in Japanese. One USMC has a specially painted tail fin. From the look of it, there are sufficient data markings for one aircraft.

CV-22B Osprey 05-0065, 7th SOS - USAF

CV-22B Osprey 05-0029, 71st SOS - USAF

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168220, VMM-265 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168214, VMX-1 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey BuNo. 168303, VMM-266 - US Marine Corps

MV-22B Osprey "JG-1702", Japan Ground Self Defense Force

In all, it is a very nice sheet that will be quite useful for those wanting something better than the kit decals.

January 2020

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