Caracal Models CD 48149: F-15E Strike Eagle (Lakenheath)

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Scott Van Aken

This particular Caracal Models set is for the F-15E Strike Eagle, specifically those based at Lakenheath in the UK with the 48th FW. This wing has been in Europe since 1952 when it was formed, taking over the aircraft of the Oklahoma ANG that was then based in France. Booted out by DeGaulle, in 1960 the unit moved to the UK and has been there ever since. I find it interesting that a goodly number of their aircraft are those that the Air Force did not want but had 'forced' upon them by the Bush Jr administration in order to keep production lines in St. Louis going. 

The set contains ten options that are all painted in overall gunship grey. Rather than foist 10 near identical  profiles on you, I'll limit things to the cover of the instructions.

All these options are from the 2016-18 time period. Here is what is on the sheet: 

F-15E 91-0311 "Lady Liberty", 494th FS

F-15E 91-0324 "White Walrus", 494th FS

F-15E 91-0326 "Ravage", 494th FS

F-15E 91-0329 "Deadpool", 494th FS

F-15E 91-0335 "Megalodon", 494th FS. This aircraft has a shark mouth.

F-15E 00-3003 "Gears of War", 494th FS

F-15E 00-3004 "Bullseye", 494th FS

F-15E 91-0320 , 494th FS

F-15E 97-0221 , 492nd FS

F-15E 97-0219 , 492nd FS

The set is superbly printed by Cartograf. There are enough data markings for one plane. You can do others by using the kit decals or get Caracal CDB48006 that has F-15E stencils. For kits, either the Revell or GWH kit would be your best choice in this scale as those by Hasegawa and Academy are simply F-15Ds with the extra tanks/racks and not true F-15Es.

February 2019

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