Caracal Models CD 48141: F-35B Joint Strike Fighter

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Scott Van Aken

The F-35 has had a very long gestation period, fraught with problems and becoming an incredibly expensive aircraft. However, if one throws enough time and money at a project, it will eventually reach fruition. Such is the case with the F-35. A rather involved program required the aircraft to to meet the needs of three different services and to replace three fairly different aircraft. The F-35A was to replace the F-16, the F-35B replaces the AV-8B and the F-18C is an F-18E/F replacement. Though the F-35 has finally reached fruition and is now equipping the various services, many feel that it is not as effective a platform as the aircraft it is replacing.

This sheet is for the F-35B that is operational with the USMC and with the Royal Air Force in terms of operating from the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The sheet provides options for 9 aircraft and has been sized for the 1/48 Kitty Hawk kit. All are painted in overall FS 36170 Camouflage Grey. Provided are the following:

F-35B ZM151, Royal Air Force (HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier trials

F-35B BuNo. 169590 DC/03, VMFA-122 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 168732 DC/01, VMFA-122 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 169598 CF/04, VMFA-211 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 168732 CF/01, VMFA-211 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 169297 VK/11, VMFA-121 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 169164 VK/01, VMFA-121 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 169593 VM/32, VMFAT-501 , US Marine Corps

F-35B BuNo. 168057 VM/01, VMFAT-501 , US Marine Corps

The set includes full data markings for one aircraft. If doing more than one option, you can also use the kit's decals for stencils and such. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf, an industry leader.

January 2021

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